Imported from the future. May cause a temporary case of euphoria.
Fun to use, you will want to show this off to your friends and keep it forever. If you made this you know what's up.
Okay - Consistent with manufacturer claims. Most american "consumer" level products fall into this category.
Overall a bad product. Could never be recommended, disappointing to use every time.
Makes you angry. Will avoid at all costs. Hopefully your name is not listed next to this symbol. Marketing / Labeling may be misleading.
ARCTIC APPROVED. Could be used as normal in sub -40° temps.

Otis Spunkmeyer Blueberry Muffin
Tastes like a can of WD40 being hosed into your mouth. Required ejecting all particles from both participants. No morning muffin for you. Left me scarred and afraid to try the Banana Nut.
MSR Draonfly Cooking Stove
Awesome heat output that worked flawlessly at -50. However, you always risk spilling fuel, sounds like a jet engine, and is a complete pain in the ass to use if you are not trained. You won't figure it out.
Coleman Single Burner Stove
A prefect example of the 0 star rating, Moderate heat output, wears fast, cheap, uses EXTREMELY wasteful gas cylinders that can't be refilled. However, fast to set up and anyone can boil water on this rig as long as it's not below zero. At -20 from room temp it will fizzle out after 10-15 minutes as the cylinder temp becomes too cold to vaporize the gas.
Canadian Euro Weiners
Incredible Euro Weiners never before seen in North America. Great "snappy" bites with a nice smoked flavor. These are actually made in British Columbia and rival the all mighty Norwegian Dogs. The original norse tubes are still superior, but Canada gets a huge thumbs up.
A mixed blessing. Fills you up and keeps you on the road, but at the expense of air quality. Low maintenance - Does not freeze at severely cold temperatures or really go bad after multiple heat /thaw cycles. Arctic Approved!
Mountain House Chicken and Noodle Dinner Kit
Really easy to make, even at extreme temps. Chicken tasted like dried sponges (even after 15 minutes), sauce was slightly slimy and artificial. The precooked noodles were good. Will use again, but the spaghetti meal from Mountain Home is better. Given the conditions this may indeed be a sold option. Not too bad, but you won't be fighting for the bag the next day.
Non Stops

The best M&M's in the world. MARS take notice and look at what the norwegians are doing! Scary clowns on the packaging, but otherwise the bomb.