Imported from the future. May cause a temporary case of euphoria.
Fun to use, you will want to show this off to your friends and keep it forever. If you made this you know what's up.
Okay - Consistent with manufacturer claims. Most american "consumer" level products fall into this category.
Overall a bad product. Could never be recommended, disappointing to use every time.
Makes you angry. Will avoid at all costs. Hopefully your name is not listed next to this symbol. Marketing / Labeling may be misleading.
ARCTIC APPROVED. Could be used as normal in sub -40° temps.

Nikon D2H

Knockout speed (8 fps), held out in arctic temps, 30 second night exposures have minimal noise, all around an amazing camera. Film is still better for all out image clarity.
Nikon 70-200 AFS 2.8 G VR (on left)

Confused by this lens…seems to be out of focus at times, possibly VR function does not work in cold. But the 80-200 F2.8 Lenses have in the past ALWAYS been razor sharp every time. Still evaluating this lens, but I am not in love with it. Also really long....
Nikon 300 F2.8

A great lens, but absurdly huge to use. Requires patience and is not for everyday use, but does reel in some cool pictures. I like it.
Nikon TC-201 II Teleconverter

Terrible in all applications. I hate this thing. Hello Ebay!
Lowepro Phototrekker

A great camera bag that hauls a massive amount of gear. Really great customer service!! Thank you. Zipper replaced no problem after heavy use and new backpack harness sent out at no charge. Also this is absolutely the MAX size bag you can fit on a Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) with 2/2 seating. No one thinks it will fit, but brimming with 3 bodies, 300 F2.8, 80-200 AFS, a ton of other lenses and chargers, flash and 40 rolls of film it will fit in the overhead storage. Just push hard and press down on the areas that are catching. After about 20 seconds it will slip into the compartment.
Nikon F100 Body
A solid performer when it comes to film. Held up pretty well in the cold with the remote release, but after about 45 minutes at sub -30 it was done. Problem was more battery power than anything despite using Lithium's, so possibly the remote battery pack would make it last longer. Shoots 4.5 fps and otherwise is rock solid. This camera accompanies me on any photo trip and never fails to capture great pix.
Nikon FM Body

I only brought this as I thought it would be the only camera that would work at -40 for more than a few minutes. Totally wrong. The shutter locks open after a few exposures. Totally crappy. At -40 my F100 with remote release lasted longer and worked much better. Will never use again.
Nikon Coolpix 4500

The swivel feature is critical and really cool. Durability is good (required repair after about 10,000 images and 1 year of heavy use), takes nice pictures and the video feature is necessary. Old technology and large in size, but the swivel keeps it in play. Repair service at a cost of over two hundred dollars took FOREVER. At least a month. Not OK. I took it dog sledding and I got a few pix off at -40. The screen was totally blurry and after 5 or 6 pictures the fully charged battery was "exhausted". Whatever, at least I got a few shots off.