Imported from the future. May cause a temporary case of euphoria.
Fun to use, you will want to show this off to your friends and keep it forever. If you made this you know what's up.
Okay - Consistent with manufacturer claims. Most american "consumer" level products fall into this category.
Overall a bad product. Could never be recommended, disappointing to use every time.
Makes you angry. Will avoid at all costs. Hopefully your name is not listed next to this symbol. Marketing / Labeling may be misleading.
ARCTIC APPROVED. Could be used as normal in sub -40° temps.

Radio Shack House Brand USB FM Transmitter

United Airlines was a critical component in this journey. The BlackBullet Team logged over 50,000 flight miles for this adventure alone. United pulled through and never let us down - even when I showed up with 450 pounds of luggage. The United Rep in Anchorage named Aloha always had a smile on his face, and after pushback relaxing as the northern lights waved in the sky was always one of my favorite parts. I continue to be a satisfied customer. Thank you!

Radio Shack House Brand USB FM Transmitter

Transmits MP3's through the cars FM radio from the audio jack on your laptop. USB powered. Slightly flat sound, but no real complaints here.
Marmot Inferno / TNF Tundra Sleeping Bag

We slept in the car at -56 degrees without waking up or being cold…Inside air temp likely -30. We needed an analog temp gauge…the digi was just blank. Hard to get out of. Need to integrate remote car starter.
Delorme Street Atlas 9.0

Although this is an older version it is much better than the ultra ballooned and slow newer versions that are much more clumsy to use. Basically has every road AND side road in the US. Really amazing! Must be used with GPS receiver and software must be installed to run off your hard drive. Lacks Canada which sucks.
Delorme AAA Map N Go

Really vague, but has Canada which was a requirement. Arctic towns are about 30 miles off the mark…Delorme, you can do much better, but for 30 bucks a few years ago, still a bargain.
Apple Mini Ipod

The slick Ipod has revolutionized portable music worldwide. The quality of construction and slickness factor is insane. From what I have heard through friends etc. the durability is overall not great, but who cares. Just ebay it after the warranty runs out. Really a joy to use and all around so small and just fun to hold in your hand. Battery life despite what others say is more than acceptable. I get 5-7 hours from a full charge. If you can make it to Europe without plugging in you will get no complaints from me. It's tiny, when walking with it in your pocket you won't even know that it is there. Do yourself a favor though, scrap the factory headphones immediately and get the In Ear Sony ones described below.
Sony In Ear Headphones

Revolutionary headphones that go in your ear canal. They fit snugly reducing ambient noise by about 20 db. The best part is there is nothing on the outside of your ear, so you can lay on your side on a pillow, press down, have your head against a seat, like if sleeping with your head turned on a plane without even feeling that they are there. Sound quality is good too. They are tiny! And combined with the ipod the whole package is sweet! Nice work on the quality wiring too! Bought mine at a BestBuy for thirty five bucks. Great to use under ear muffs when chainsawing, mowing your lawn or weed wacking.
TSA Agents
How can these incompetent people (Only INSIDE THE US) be responsible for our safety in the skies. Seriously, airline security should be a career for highly motivated college graduates. Not high school drop outs that make minimum wage and don't even think beyond exactly what they are taught. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.
Sure-Fire 8AX Rechargeable

Battery life is a complete joke. 30 ish minutes of light. Good light output when it's charged. Dumb to have to remove battery pack to charge it, big charger, with huge AC adapter. A pain in the ass to travel with. A classic Ebay Item. Got about 75% of what I paid too! Do not buy.
Canadian "Tagger Torch" - used to heat frozen engines...
Although not tech - it is in a way...
Somewhat awed by this performance, Reid of Dawson City, Yukon here is demonstrating how to properly start a 1985 Toyota Truck by warming the oil pan and radiator with a huge open flame. The main ingredient to this blend of success at -56°F is his 20 pound propane tank, complete with a weed burner attachment or "Tagger Torch" as they called it in Dawson. Note that in this picture he is actually heating the propane itself, so that it continues to vaporize in the burning cold, so that he can in turn heat the truck.
Black Diamond 4 beam LED Headlamp

A classic and early generation LED product. Lacks high light output, but for up close and general night time activities you can't beat this for thirty bucks. Battery life is amazing. Very light and easy to use. I have had a positive warranty experience with this company. New AAA Lithium batteries are now available, thus boosting battery life even more, reducing weight, and improving cold weather performance. TIGHT!
Princeton Tec Yukon Xtreme Headlamp

Fitting name or what? This is a pretty cool product and a recent acquisition. Needing a longer range bright headlamp, that also had LED's, and a remote battery pack to maintain operations in arctic environments I saw this headlamp and pulled out the plastic. 8AA's pack into a nice tube with decent battery life. Xenon dual filament bulb, along with LED's give a range of light output options in 4 settings. Xenon low, Xenon high (2.5 hrs Alkaline / 6.5 Lithium), LED low, LED high. Good construction, but given the remote battery back (hinting at frozen temps) why is the power cord made of cheap plasticky wire. I hate cheap wiring. I was immediately disappointed but other than that it's pretty cool.
Pelican M6 Light

An inexpensive high quality item. Awesome light output (about 60% of a mag charger and 1/5 the size). Great to have in your pocket for bursts of light, just don't go for a walk with this flashlight. Hi power CR123 Lithium Batteries that power it cost a lot and only last 1-2 hours. However, with intermittent usage they will last for weeks or months. However, it is not bulletproof. After duct taping it to the end of a high pressure car wash wand and getting under a rental SUV to clean off extensive mud etc. (with $40 dollars in quarters) so much grit and sand blasted into the light that although it still worked after it was never the same. I have done that to my mag chargers on a few occasions and they held up much better. However, the mag chargers size and weight tires your arms even more. Have you ever pressure washed something for over an hour? I still use the same flashlight to date, but during this last phase of these reviews it seems to have gotten significantly worse. I'll send it back and see what happens, however, for thirty five bucks with batteries from cases4less.com I won't go long without a freshie.