Imported from the future. May cause a temporary case of euphoria.
Fun to use, you will want to show this off to your friends and keep it forever. If you made this you know what's up.
Okay - Consistent with manufacturer claims. Most american "consumer" level products fall into this category.
Overall a bad product. Could never be recommended, disappointing to use every time.
Makes you angry. Will avoid at all costs. Hopefully your name is not listed next to this symbol. Marketing / Labeling may be misleading.
ARCTIC APPROVED. Could be used as normal in sub -40° temps.

2003 GMC Yukon XL SLT
Despite horrible fuel mileage and a failed heater this truck performed as expected. It's fun to drive, can be rallied a little, has TONS of power (300 HP), the gadgets are cool, it's well laid out, steering wheel controls are awesome and you can sleep in it. I love this truck. Will use again.
Valentine 1 Radar Detector

Anything that saves you from going to jail or getting yelled at by the police is clearly an outstanding product. Excellent range, suction cups are bad in the cold, or when they are deformed after air travel and may take a while to get situated. For professionals only. Probably would confuse untrained personnel.
Mag Charger Flashlight
Really bright, bombproof, can use as a hammer or weapon if required, truly lasts forever. Battery life too short, but who cares. There is no substitute. Recommend using 12 volt charger in your vehicle to keep it (them) topped off.
Jotto Computer Desk

A key element or should I say a necessary evil. Facilitated these reviews, but not without sacrifice. Lacked all form of "slickness". Awkward levers poke your leg and cramp the passenger. Sharp dangerous edges (skin was lost), Difficult to use and shows some slap after 10K miles. Installation although seemingly simple was a total pain in the ass. GM seat bolts all use "special" sockets that are tough to find. To make matters worse, 1 seat will require TWO different "special" sockets. It said 15 minutes on the install sheet, as this was the "no drill easy fit". Yeah right - I think they forgot a 0. It should say 150 minutes..... the wire straps that hold the computer down had to be modified with grinders and cut off wheels so it somewhat tightly held my still fairly large 3 year old laptop. An ultraportable would not be secure even with the screen closed for sure. Guess I could use a few magazines underneath to add height. Now you know what I mean about lacking slickness! But on the road and at 70 MPH, to have your laptop mounted in front if you is really awesome. It does make it possible to work on the road and you get a lot of looks and comments. I wish I could disable the passenger airbag with this monster hanging around...maybe the germans make a real one...absurdly expensive too. I can't believe they didn't include the special socket required when the directions are specific for a 2003 Suburban / Yukon XL. Totally beat. Overall though it's definitely worth the effort.
Optima Battery
The best battery period. Starts the truck effortlessly at -30 degrees without being plugged in. At -56°F with the car plugged in! Looks great too! Dual posts are excellent if hooking up accessories.
PIAA 80 Series Driving Lights
Awesome light output, H4 bulb with hi / lo feature is priceless. Replacing bulbs is a little hokey, not incredible construction but the only solution for less than a grand. HID's are still too costly and lack low beam. Of the 4 new ones installed 1 keeps failing. Bulb slowly dims, then goes out. Replace bulb, then you get full power for a while, then it repeats, dims, then stops working. Both hi and low together. Sucks.
PIAA Xtreme White Plus H4 Bulbs 55/60 watt draw = 110/135 watt output
The actual light output can't be compared to the same bulbs with real watt draw and output. I was outraged after installing these. Really bad. They were instantly removed.
Onstar Technology
Unlocking your car from above the arctic circle via satellite speaks for itself. Really cool! They told me "Our system indicates it will be approx 3 minutes before a signal will be sent based on your current location." 3 minutes later the doors all around popped open. Totally amazing. What else does it "know". I don't know about the GM Black Box: For 5 seconds before airbag deployment the system records, RPM, throttle position, speed, etc. But I keep forgetting the Yukon is no WRX.
Onstar Personal Calling
Much better coverage than handheld phones. No roaming fees. Reasonable rates. May not work in remote parts of Canada (NWT / Yukon). Can be handy in the US though. Works by pre-buying minutes that last a year. About $.20 per minute.
Onstar Advisors

Similar to TSA Agents found at all US Airports. No real clue, terrible and unreliable information. Absolutely the worst directions ever. Was unable to "find" Rutland airport in Vermont. "We don't have an airport in that area sir". How is that possible??? A few minutes later I found it. In cities it is ok and can be helpful, but beware.
Nokia Hakkapeliitta LT 245/75/16 6 ply, Studded
The best snow tire around! Driving on snow and ice is simply a joy. It feels great knowing you have more traction than anyone on the road, especially with a gas guzzler huge truck pressing down with all it's mass. With almost 15,000 miles since installation and little wear visible these are simply getting better every day. The studs happily dig in and still carve deep groves in the ice. Not one stud is missing. (The Yukon XL does limit rally behavior, thus significantly increasing tire life) Thanks for a great product!
Yakima Blacktop Pro 21

I hate this roof box for many many reasons. On day 1 it opened up at 70mph spreading crap all over the road. Before it was even used the hinges popped off their mounts and they continue to do so today. It is the absolute last resort for storage as opening it may take 10 minutes and several people (at least in the arctic). It didn't want to close because of the two way hinges were stuck open. Additionally the latching mechanism often sticks and is vague when it actually does work. I have never hated a product so much. It's really really bad. Yakima - Shame on you for marketing and producing such garbage with your name on it. Has anyone ever tested this?? I would rather change a tire than deal with that thing. Additionally an object punched through the bottom of it in the high arctic damaging the car. Maybe the whole deal will just tear off and I won't have to think about it anymore. Yakima bills this as "bomber construction". You have got to be kidding me...
XM Radio
On the road 10,000 miles and never a CD was played. Stations can get old, as there are probably only a few that interest you, but quality is outstanding and hardly ever cuts out. Cities and tall trees can be an issue, but this is rare. I truly can't wait until the rig rolls back down into BC where the reception will once again pick up. Not available in Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories and the far north!
Alaska Sales & Service (GM Dealer, Anchorage, AK)

Unheard of customer service, friendly and helpful. I have never dealt with such nice people and frankly I fear that never again will servicing my vehicle be that enjoyable. You guys are really amazing! Thank you!
Klondike Motors (GM Dealer, Whitehorse Canada)

Completely unhelpful and unfun to deal with. I was so displeased I left my new shovel in the parking lot. Too bad you guys don't deserve it.
Xantrex 1000 ProWatt Inverter

Works up to 1000 watts. 1200 watts for 15 minutes. Charges batteries for cameras/ipod/ etc. and powers the toaster and computers as requested. Not bad. Shuts down from over-voltage on the car system at temps below -20, but that is not the inverters fault. A necessary item that does it's job.
Seagel Group 27 Sealed Battery
A high quality sealed gel cell battery that powers the inverter and accessories when the car is off. It works, what can I say. Since it is sealed it can be installed on it's side which is nice and the gel cell's also don't lose a charge as fast when they sit around.
2002 Subaru WRX

The best car I have ever had!!!! Amazing! Never have I had so much fun in a car. These cars really are incredible. They are out of the box rally monsters for a mere $21,500. Someone pinch me in the arm, I must be dreaming. So fast, so responsive and eager. Really a pleasure to own. Suspension takes a massive pounding and you can really show off in this girl! I can't wait to get another USED one, since the newer models seem to have lost their "rally" heritage. I just spanked my first 2002 model year up in Alaska since the disastrous 2004 I had. It was instant love once again confirming the 2002 model years superiority and speed. -20 and foot to the floor up a snowy mountain road. It was in fact still the best car I have ever driven!!! YAY. I love it.